Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Razor Blade LTE

Sorry about the lack of updates, I have been pretty busy working on my house and stuff.  Speaking of witch, check out my roommates blog on us fixing up our house w00tboots.blogspot.com .  Not much content now, but it will be dope.

Ok so back to the story.  The other day, our Verizon rep came in and gave us a bunch of stuff to celebrate the 4G LTE launch.  One of the things she brought in was this 
we call it the boomafrisbe
So naturally, since our store was slow, we started throwing them at each other like bosses.  So one of my co-workes got way to into the awesomeness and decided that a pair of scissors would be an appropriate weapon for the battel, this was the result.
scissors stuck in the ceiling 
Now that was really epic.  That was the first throw by the way.  So then it kind of calmed down and we stopped throwing the boomafrisbes around when after awhile, I see my other co-worker working on something in the corner of the room.  Apparently, he decided that scissors weren't badass enough so he created a razor blade-boomafrisbe abomination.
If you cant tell, those are razor blades, poorly taped to the boomafrisbe.
All I have to say is, your welcome ninjas.




Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nexus Prime

Wow, ok so I know I wrote a little bit about the Motorola Droid HD yesterday but today some huge rumors started flying around about the new Nexus device.  Apparently its going to be made by Samsung (Super AMOLED <3), have a 4.5 inch touch screen, have a 1.5ghz duel core processor, and be running the newest version of Android (Ice cream sandwich).  Now I know some of you are looking at this post in disbelief, but just remember its just a rumor.  I really hope its true though. 
Oh and Samsung is announcing a new device tomorrow so I guess we will see. 
fuck yes, finally my dream phone is being rumored on the internet.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Leaked photos of a new Moto Droid

Ok, so just for future reference this blog isn't completely about the awesomeness that happens at my store.  I also want to talk a bit about cell phone rumors and cool phones that are coming out.  And since my store if a Verizon affiliate, then thats the company I will mostly be focusing on. This phone is called the Motorola Droid HD.  There isnt much known about it but it looks really cool.  Its thinner then the Moto Bionic (hopefully coming out in the next month) and is just generally bad ass.  Now my hopes for this phone are that it has something comparable to Samsungs AMOLED screen.  If you haven't seen the way the Samsung Droids look, go check them out. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE.  So yeah.  And what do you guys think about Google buying Motorola?
Source: Android-Central

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So the security and safety officer at my work is quiting on the 1st of next month, moving to Canada, and going to school.  But the best part is, is he is going to school to be a professional wrestler.  Now I have never met anybody whos dream was to become a professional wrestler but I think thats pretty badass if I do say so my self.  I think macho man inspired him to finally follow his dreams.
R.I.P. Macho
P.S. Thanks for saving us from that rapture..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

John Stamos

Right now we are advertising that John Stamos is autographing pictures at our store.  John Stamos is not at our store nor was he at any point in time. 

Hi and welcom to my blog

My name is AJ and I just started a new job at an unnamed wireless company.  I just realized how rediculious this store is and decided that the world needs to know about it. Hope you enjoy.